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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enterprise Inc?

Enterprise Inc is a project that aims to improve the enterprise skills of final year University students and recent graduates across the East Midlands.

Therefore if you are either in your penultimate/final year at one of our partner universities or are a recent graduate who is looking at starting a business within the next year Enterprise Inc could be just what you are looking for. If successful you will benefit from a cash bursary of £2500, paid upon the successful completion of key milestones, along with £3000 worth of generic and tailored business support from your university to help your business succeed.

How does the recruitment process work?

If you wish to apply to take part on Enterprise Inc you will need to complete the online application form. You can save your progress at any time so that you can come back to review your application before submitting it to us.

** Please note that the system only allows you to submit one application per email address so if you have more than one business idea please select the one that you wish to submit for consideration as you won’t be able to submit further applications.

A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm that your application has been successfully submitted. In most cases you will not hear anything further until the application deadline has been reached. These deadlines are updated regularly on the website, however for further information please contact your University Enterprise Inc Representative directly.

Applications will then be reviewed and assessed for eligibility by our University partners. It is important to note that the recruitment process will differ at each University partner but typically those shortlisted at this stage will then be invited to a formal interview. After formal interviews have taken place the most suitable applicants based on the viability of the business idea and match with the eligibility rules will then be chosen and informed of the next steps via email.

In all instances once the places have been allocated all applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application via email.

Can I apply with another person?

Funding is available either individually or as small groups. For those wishing to submit a business idea as a group please ensure that you apply in the lead name of the group to whom all bursary payments will be made to. It is also important to stress that the lead applicant must be the person who will commit to attending the 30 hours of training so please carefully consider this before submitting your application form.

What are the key milestones to receive bursary payments?

The standard placement at most of our partner Universities will look as follows:



Assessment and Environmental Survey

15 hours bespoke support/training

Start a business

15 hours mandatory training and create business plan

£1000 Bursary

Exit survey and exit

£1000 Bursary

£500 Bursary

Please note that bursary payments will only be paid via BACS by EMIN upon the successful completion of key milestones as indicated above.

Project History

Enterprise Inc was launched in November 2008 as a collaborative project with all 9 of the regions Universities with 50% funding from the partner Universities, 40% ERDF and 10% EMDA Single Programme. Throughout phase one of the project we helped 519 University students and recent graduates to start a business and have created a total of 222.5 new jobs in the region. A second round of funding for a continuation project has been secured running from 2012 – 2015. A total of seven Universities from the East Midlands will continue to deliver Enterprise Inc in this second phase, with EMIN continuing to act as the Project Manager. With the support of 40% ERDF funding and 60% contribution from the Universities this project offers a fantastic opportunity for the budding entrepreneur.

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