Calling all budding entrepreneurs!

Can you say YES to the following questions?

  • Are you approaching the end of your studies at, or have graduated within the last 3 years from, one of our partner universities?
  • Do you have a viable business idea and would you like a business support package work over £5000?
  • With that support, could you start a business in the East Midlands within the next year?

If so you MAY be eligible for support from us in the form a cash bursary of £2500, together with £3000 worth of focused business support from your University.

If you've got the business idea, and the drive needed to convert that idea into a real business within the next year, then this project is for you.

To apply please enter your details below or for further information and clarification on application deadlines, please contact your university representative.

Apply Now!

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